onsdag, november 29, 2006

The Gaijin Nod

The slight nod of acknowledgement that "yes, I see you are also a foreigner" when meeting other foreigners in Japan. In fact, it happened more in China this summer. I find it quite funny as it happens to people you in other situations would have nothing in common with. Like in a bar in Nanjing, two suits in their 40s, leaving the venue and giving us the nod. Or in a club in Xi'an, a group of Turks having a nod and a chat. They included a guy of 2,10 meters and almost equally broad, so it felt prudent to be on the good side of them.

I guess when being in a country this homogenous, with Japan sporting 99% Japanese (and of the remaining 1 % the majority are Koreans and Chinese) making even Norway seem multicultural in comparion, it feels necessary for outsiders to have their own little club of togetherness, no matter how strange it is. So the nod, it's on.

mandag, november 27, 2006

From Oslo with music, to Tokyo with love

Originally uploaded by TrUlster.
CSS in concert, herlig lite jålete. Sjarmerende energisk vokalist som crowd-surfet på sang to av settet. Indie-pluss for mingling med publiken før og etter konsert. We like!

Må forøvrig noe motvillig innrømme at Oslo har sine positive sider, Blå tangerer lett Gara og Hulen som konsertsted. Byen ellers pakket med julebordfeirende, traff heldigvis kun de gladfulle utgavene.

CSS spiller også i Tokyo i januar, så kanskje de skal sees en gang til? Iallefall blir det langtur med KLM i morgen til feita leilighet midt i Shibuya!

tirsdag, november 21, 2006

London has-been spotting

Emerging well-stacked up with Argentinian lomo from a Piccadilly resturant, who do we spot jauntily strutting out from a neighbouring venue, but Oasis-celeb Liam Gallagher, who proceeds to catwalk past us, obligatory skanky blonde in hand and blitzed by some paparazzis. With seven Norwegians laughing at the whole spectacle, the blonde even throws us an apologetic look, as if she is realising the absurdity of the whole event.

More antics when the couple has disappeared, as the paparazzis jokingly show off their less flattering shots to the hardmen doormen, with some roadworkers shaking their heads. Class, celeb and society - London in one minute.