mandag, oktober 20, 2008

Slippery when wet: Taiwanese dating tricks

Getting a scooter is something of a life-changing event for Taiwanese guys. Suddenly they are able to engage in the dating game, and what is more, be assured of actual physical contact with a female, as she bravely holds on. Taiwanese culture dictates a more careful, roundabout approach, far from the rather overt tactics used in Europe, so the scooter ride is a much-needed excuse for closeness.

For some Taiwanese however, this just ain't close enough. Incredibly, a common trick is to oil up the back seat, forcing the girl to slide into the guy whenever he applies the break. And he will, often. When speeding up she has to tightly grip the rider or risk disaster. Which is what happened to one poor guy, asking for a ride with his mate. The seat was prepped for a female and all slippery, however the passenger was less enthusiastic about gripping his buddy. Big mistake, as the first turn saw him flung from the seat, breaking an arm!