søndag, september 28, 2008

Taxi stories

Taxis are naturally a necessity for any traveler, most of the time a fairly routine affair, but what sticks in the mind are the offbeat characters. To wit:

The black Panamanian in Medellin, Colombia. Definitely on something, this guy was the definition of a midnight party taxi. Speeding at 120+ km/h is one thing, but braking in time with the earsplitting techno beats from the solid sound system is quite another!

The Madonna-loving and English-speaking (1 in 100 for Taiwanese taxi drivers) guy in a tiny town in Southern Taiwan. Entered the taxi to "Like a virgin" and proceeding through "Material Girl" and the greatest hits, he kept humming and chatting away in meagre English. Possibly not entirely straight.

Classic porteño driver, who spruced up the ride with a monologue on the merits of salsa vs tango for female sexuality. More specifically, on which dance practise makes for the tightest ass (it is a Buenos Aires thing)! Sadly I have forgotten his eventual conclusion.