søndag, november 20, 2011

Have your pet immortalised in a fine art oil painting

This remarkable specimen of a flyer arrived through the NW London mail slot today. Indication of an overly affluent neighbourhood? Maybe. Hard to believe, but this offer does seem genuine and is not a parody.

Well, I suppose if you can afford a gold collar for your pet, the least you can do is get a fine art oil painting commissioned. Even if it risks inviting serious ridicule in these times of financial woe.

Now why does this gold-digging doggie remind me of the man himself Tony Soprano's ludicrous attempt at immortality through art:

So all you cat lovers out there, this is your chance to portray your pet's unique personality in a painting you will love and cherish forver. Likeness is even guaranteed. What are you waiting for?

Ridicule aside, perhaps the author is just a poor art student trying to make ends meet, happy to have chanced upon an untapped market?