torsdag, desember 21, 2006

Japanese Christmas

In contrast to the Western family-oriented event, in Japan Christmas is very much a couples' affair. As often happens, Japan has adapted a pick-and-choose approach to Western traditions, taking some aspects from the West and giving it an uniquely Japanese twist. The romantic event for couples usually is a fancy dinner and a solid night in a love hotel. In which context season-themed garments as pictured are not uncommon!

Options for single, increasingly desperate Japanese are basically to get tremendously drunk and/or go on a shopping spree. A common alternative possibility for both males and females is escaping societal expectations by holidaying in Thailand.

On a related note, today's papers feature the news that the birth rate prospects has hit an all-time low, causing grave problems for future pension schemes. The Japanese fail to marry and produce offspring, whither Japan Inc without citizens?

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Jeg kunne tenkt meg å¨se en søt jente i en slik kjole, det skal jeg lett innrømme..

TrUlster sa...

Well Mr Anon, I can certainly see the attraction! The good news is that you'll see several girls wearing these outfits in the clubs in the days before Christmas. Complete with knee-stockings and/or high boots.... extremely hot! Damn I'll miss Japanese fashion!

Ragnhild sa...

hei og hei!

Tusen takk for den festlege smokken som vetle nevöen din fekk :D Li'l Devil. Stilig. det var mange andre kule smokkar som det var bilete av pa baksida av kartongen. Trur du du kan fa tak i ein med dei store tennene? (Berre viss du gidd altso)So far du noko festleg tilbake fra oss.

TrUlster sa...

Vittig. Vurderte lenge den med tennene, men tenkte den ble for drøy. Men ok, sjappa ligger ikke langt unna i Daikanyama så ikke umulig jeg tar en tur til!

ragnhild sa...

dritbra!! tenk kor sjuk han kjeme til å sjå ut med dei enorme tennene, eg kjeme til å le meg i hel!!