tirsdag, februar 20, 2007

Rockabilly revisited

Currently enjoying summertime in Buenos Aires and finally got time to sort through my pile of Tokyo photos. Need less to say January saw me going back to check out the rockabillys in winter action, and sure enough, one windy Sunday they were at it again. Classic pose.

This time they brought girls, enabling them to try out some 50s chat-up lines.

I always imagined the guy with the long hair sitting on the right as being the head honcho of the group. Probably with some nefarious connections in the Tokyo underworld. At least he always seems to be organising stuff and never, EVER, dances.

Video grab with my fresh camera off Akihabara. This guy dances!

3 kommentarer:

Shogan sa...

Fantastisk mann, rett og slett fantastisk!

Luke's Evil Father sa...

Talk about being too cool for school! Japanese rockabillies beat Norwegian whiggers and emos anyday!

TrUlster sa...

No contest! Though numerically, these rockabillies are vastly outnumbered, they are an extremely minor part of the vast set of Japanese subcultures.