mandag, juni 18, 2007

Sacred gateways

I never was unduly fascinated by zen gardens, kimonos, tea ceremonies and the other vestiges of "mystical Japan", but I must admit one weakness, the torii.

Something about the form of these Shinto gateways, who mark the passage from the profane to the sacred in the same way as portals in other religions, is just damn aesthetically pleasing. Pure beauty. You can walk the streets of Tokyo past shops and offices and bam, suddenly a small Shinto shrine appears. Gets me every time.

This torii is supposedly the most photographed in Japan, standing in the shallows of a small island off the coast of Hiroshima. When the tide is low it is actually possible to walk up to it.

The island is also populated by wild deer, enabling this bonus shot for Bambi lovers:

4 kommentarer:

Shogan sa...

Very nice! Well done, Trulster!

Adrian sa...

Great pics, thanks for sharing.
Greetings, Adrian

ragnhild søs sa...

kor e du no broder? i Japan igjen? kule greier. klem frå fotball-ragnhild

TrUlster sa...

Thanks guys! Rag; bra at fotballen funker for deg...?