tirsdag, juli 24, 2007

I fought the law

Wanted posters are fairly common in Japan, even this one found in the ferry terminal on the remote island of Yakushima. There is no escaping the law, though coming to a small island where everyone knows eachother would be fairly stupid in any case. I like the iconic style of the photos on the top poster, almost Warholian. Doesn't hurt that the female criminal is hot in a sort of a dangerous way either.

And this is the typical Tokyo lawman. No, in reality more of an imperial guardsman in parade uniform on the one day of the year that the emperor addresses the people.

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Luke's Evil Father sa...

She looked fun, dude, but really - Norwegian girls are better than Asian girls. They have heart shaped asses. Oh - and a mind of their own.

TrUlster sa...

Hehe, a bit of a stereotype that one, in any case, to be a criminal in the orderly Japanese socity definitely requires a mind of her own!

I will just avoid an un-PC vs-debate and state that variety is the spice of life!

Luke's Evil Father sa...

Haha T-man, I know. Asian girls have this reputation as being subservient and ready-to-please, but I've seen enough expats all over Southeast Asia and China to know that's not the case. At least not always.

Now, I've never been to Japan, so I don't have the gaijin experience, but I've known gweilos in Guangzhou and farangs in Bangkok who's really been under the spell. They start up with girls all over town, and play it like gangsters - and then they inevitably fall for one of them, and she takes control. Completely. I don't blame the girls nor the expats either. The girls are usually hotter than hell even if they're not always the most beautiful girls in town, and the men are - well - men.

Me - I've come down with yellow fever too, and it was really great, but the cultural differences were too big. I stand by my vote to the Norwegian girls. At least if You want a steady relationship. And peace of mind. But man - Asian girls are fun.

TrUlster sa...

Some good points, I can attest to the fact that quiet and peaceful it ain't! In the end people are people, no matter from where.

In any case, there are plenty of broad-brush characteristics around, I mean, what is "Asian" and what is "European"? I guess a Norwegian would be equally different from a Spaniard, as a Japanese is to a Vietnamese. As the man said, we are all individuals!

As for Japan, it is very much a changing society. Was at a debate in a Tokyo university and while obviously the people there are not representitive of the society as an whole, interestingly enough with 50% females in attendance, markedly more women stood up to have their say than men! Now even in egalitarian Norway such a situation would normally still be dominated by male speakers, even with now close to 60% of students being female.

Luke's Evil Father sa...

Haha, tell me about it, T! What do You think it's like to be American these days? But sure - people like to sterotype, and I do it all the time too, and every once in a while reality confirms everything You think You know, and just as often You're forced to see things in new ways.