fredag, november 06, 2009

Civic conscience

Few things put a downer on your day more than stepping on dog shit. The frequency of this hazard varies wildly from country to country, but it should come as no surprise that it is almost non-existent in Japan.

Witness this woman walking a dog in the northern town of Otaru. While in some countries you might come across the conscientious owner carrying a scoop and a doggy bag, this woman additionally brought a big bottle of water for splashing posts, corners and other spots the furry friend chose to urinate all over!

Most impressive, a challenged city like Buenos Aires, mired in dog poo, could do well with an export of 10,000 ladies like this one.

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Ragnhild sa...

actually dog poo is almost non existent in Reykjavík as well. You need a special permit (and pay dog tax) to own a dog. Wonderful idea! So there are not a lot of dogs here compared to other cities.